Welding Screens

Create a physical and visual barrier to protect people and equipment from dangerous radiation and projection from hot metal during the welding process.

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Features of a Welding Screen

  • Protect People against dangerous radiation and eye damage
  • Prevent Projectiles emitted by welding arcs causing physical damage, fire or personal injury
  • Available in different colours and transparencies

Welding Screen Options

Welding Strip Curtains – Without Frame

Custom made to your size specifications. You will receive the QuickMount brackets and Welding PVC (with pre-punched holes), custom made to your specific opening size

Welding Frame

  • Comes in kit format – easy to assemble
  • Standard size 2mx2m or 3mx2m
  • Custom sizes on request.
  • Galvanised steel frame.
  • Caster wheels for ease of moving.
  • Modular design allows for corner or cubicle arrangements.

Option 1
Frame With Standard Sheet

Colours: Yellow or Blue

  • 300 micron transparent PVC.
  • Self extinguishing.
  • Heavy duty brass eyelets spaced 300mm apart on al four sides.
  • Provided with rope or cable ties all around to fasten to frame.

Option 2
Frame With Pvc Strips

Colours: Red, Green, Bronze

  • 200mm wide x 2mm thick PVC strips
  • Provided with QuickMount bracket for easy installation.

Welding PVC Options

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