MaviClean Connect® High Speed Doors

Internal Applications  |  Clean Rooms

MAVICLEAN® is a flexible high-speed roll-up door for the internal applications, especially built for clean environments, clean rooms, grey rooms.

Reduces air mass exchanges and maintains overpressures in controlled environments.

The semi-rigid polyethylene guides prevent wear resulting from frequent operation. The closed crosspiece guarantees optimal cleanliness by avoiding possible retention of contaminants.

Opening of the uprights from the inside, facilitating access to the built-in control box for maintenance.

  • Anti-corrosion structure: 304L or 316L stainless steel
  • Excellent water- and airtightness
  • Built-in control box with flush buttons
  • Resistance to overpressure
  • Polyethylene guides to prevent wear and dust deposits


  • Self-supporting high-speed door: no constraints on the supports
    Opening speed: up to 2M/second
  • Frequency inverter integrated into the board: flexible operation, adjustment of the opening speed, optimization of energy performance
  • Polyethylene runner: prevents wear and tear during operation, available in 100% stainless steel version
  • Inverted covers: opening of the uprights from the inside, easy access to the cabinet
  • Integrated cabinet: front panel adjustment, alphanumeric display
  • Control: PLC, very high security
  • Closed crosspiece: guarantees optimal cleanliness by avoiding retentions, can be installed under the ceiling
  • Limit switch: electronic adjustment via the screen, simple, fast and secure
  • Brake: opposite to the motor for more reliability, managed by the electronic board
  • Belt drive: reliability, easy maintenance, smooth opening and closing, quiet operation, 98% efficiency, energy savings
  • Mantle: reduced air exchange, maintains overpressure in a controlled environment, reduced dust exchange, ensures hygiene
  • SafeTIME system: double security
  • Detection system: 3 transmitting-receiving cells located in the slides
  • Automatic control of the closing time: instantaneous lifting of the door in case of obstacle
  • Remote maintenance thanks to a connected card: remote transmission of information, pre-diagnosis before intervention, intervention by an authorized Maviflex technician

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High speed door for external applications.
All industries.


High speed door for clean rooms.
Pharmaceutical & Controlled Environments.


High speed door for cold environments.
Cold rooms, freezer rooms, chillers.


High speed door for internal applications.
Economical. All industries.


High speed door for external applications.
All industries, extra-large openings.

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