Strip Curtains

Control the ingress of warm or cold air.
Create a physical or visual barrier between two areas.
Achieve thermal and sound insulation.
Create an insect and dust barrier.

What Is A Strip Curtain?

A Strip Curtain consists of flexible strips of plastic (pvc), suspended from a rail in overlapping format. Strip Curtains can be installed in any opening or doorway to act as a barrier or door replacement.

Energy Saving

Overlapping strips of PVC ensure minimal influx of cool or warm air

Ease of Access

Flexibility of PVC allows for ease of access for people or vehicles


Custom made to fit any opening size due to various PVC sizes

Cost Effective

Partial replacement of strips is possible and easy to do


Transparency of PVC allows for visibility

Strip Curtain Hardware Options

  • Ideal for Heavy Traffic applications (motorised or pedestrian)
  • Best suited for under-lintel installation. Option for side wall mount if no lintel is available.
  • Suitable for 200, 300 and 400mm wide PVC.
  • Up to 5m heights. Any width can be accommodated.
Custom-Made to your size specifications

You will receive all the components including the rod, hinges, fixing brackets and PVC assembled for easy installation.

Unique Patented Hinge System

Unique Patented Hinge System allows each strip to swing freely, giving a further range of motion, thereby prolonging the life span of the PVC strips.

Reinforced Strip

Each PVC strip is reinforced with a dovetail, making it even more durable

PVC Strip sliding into Hinge Bracket

The reinforced PVC strip slides easily into the hinge bracket

Standard Under-Lintel Installation

The Heavy Duty Strip Curtain option is best suited for under-lintel installation.

Side Wall Installation

This option is suitable when there is no lintel or structure available above the opening. Bracket that holds the rod is installed on the side wall

PVC Options for Strip Curtains

Transparency & clarity | Flexibility | Thermal Insulation | Noise Insulation | Durability | Impact & scratch resistant High resistance to chemicals | Recyclable

Any Application that requires high quality PVC between temperatures of -15oC to +50oC

Standard Flat Clear PvC

200mm x 2mm x 50m
300mm x 3mm x 50m
400mm x 4mm x 50m
Temp: -15oC – +50oC

Standard Ribbed Clear

200mm x 2mm x 50m
300mm x 3mm x 50m
400mm x 4mm x 50m
Temp: -15oC – +50oC

We custom make PVC Strip Curtains to your specific requirements

Strip Curtain Selection

  • Our strip curtains are available in different widths, thicknesses and colours.
  • In smaller doors, we use smaller strips which are easier to pass through.
  • As the door gets taller, the width of the strip needs to increase to maintain easy passage.
  • Taller doors typically require more overlap for better air block.
  • Draughty or windy conditions or heavy mechanical traffic such as forklifts require thicker PVC.

What information is needed for a quote?

  • The size of the opening (i.e. width and height of opening).
  • Location and type of opening (e.g. freezer, warehouse, wash bay, kitchen, store room).
  • Function or purpose of the strip curtains (e.g. pedestrians, trolleys, trucks, forklifts).
  • Type of hanging (e.g. ceiling mount, lintel mount, shower mount, wall mount).

How to Measure for a Strip Curtain

You measure the INSIDE width (W) and height (H) of the opening.

Height (H): measure from the UNDERSIDE of the door lintel / frame all the way to the ground.

Width (W): measure BETWEEN the two inner side edges of the door opening.

Should you wish your curtain to be FACE-FITTED rather than under lintel fitted (so it overhangs the door at either side), please allow for this in your measurements.

Suitable Structures

Curtains need to be attached to a suitable structure which can carry the weight of the curtain:

  • Suitable: Steel structures / beams ; concrete ; brick ; wood beams
  • Unsuitable: Ceiling board & panels ; false ceilings ; unsupported corrugated sheets.

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