MaviMax® High Speed Doors

External Applications  | XXL Openings  |  All Industries

MAVIMAX® is the oversized door that makes it possible to close large openings while maintaining the advantages of a fast flexible door.
With its unique design, MAVIMAX® is customizable to various specific requirements.

he uprights and the curtain are equipped with a soft flap at the bottom to ensure maximum sealing.

The patented system of flexible guides tensioned inside the uprights cushions the stiffeners of the curtain, which avoids the mantel causing noise pollution in windy conditions.

  • XXL flexible high-speed stacking doors
  • Solution suited to very large dimensions
  • Configured as an external door
  • Strong wind resistance
  • Optimum tightness
  • Limits noise pollution


  • A fast stacking door for XXL bays and very large openings
  • Structure: crossbar and uprights in 2 parts (depending on the size)
  • Opening speed : 0,5m/second
  • Safety system SafeCONTROL
  • Flexible guides stretched in the uprights for a silent operation
  • Stacking opening system with pull straps and SecuriSANGLE safety strap system
  • Single-speed front-mounted motors, power 2.2 or 3kW, IP55 stainless steel brake and Silent Blocs system for smooth coupling
  • ABS IP65 cabinet with Maviflex electronic board and cycle counter
  • Wind resistance up to Class 4
  • Flap at the bottom of the door leaf for optimal sealing
  • Performance: thermal and sound insulation and triple insulated door leaf (optional)

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High speed door for external applications.
All industries.


High speed door for clean rooms.
Pharmaceutical & Controlled Environments.


High speed door for cold environments.
Cold rooms, freezer rooms, chillers.


High speed door for internal applications.
Economical. All industries.


High speed door for internal applications.
Supermarkets, Industry, Freezer & Food Industries.

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