High Speed Doors

We are proud distributors of the Maviflex High Speed Door range in southern Africa.

These flexible High Speed Doors are designed specifically for the industrial & retail sector, where quick opening and closing speeds are required to ensure maximum thermal and/or acoustic insulation.

Advantages of Maviflex Flexible High Speed Doors

  • The French company Maviflex® has been in operation for over 50 years and offers tailor-made solutions in line with the highest demands of the industrial, food, sanitary and distribution sectors.
  • Fully tailor-made high-quality solutions, Maviflex products adapt to each specific need and include the MAVIMAX® XXL external door, the MAVICLEAN® door for clean rooms and the MAVICOLD® door for the cold chain.
  • Maviflex also offers solutions for environments such as industrial and food processing plants with the MAVIPASS® external door and the MAVIROLL® internal doors, which are fully modular, or the MAVIONE® which is ideal for large-scale retailers.

Industries that use Maviflex High Speed Doors:

​Agri-Food | Cold Room | Distribution | Industry | Logistics | Clean Rooms ​| Explosive Zones | Engineering​

Introduction to MaviFlex

Internal High Speed Doors


High speed door for internal applications.
Supermarkets, Industry, Freezer & Food Industries.


High speed door for clean rooms.
Pharmaceutical & Controlled Environments.


High speed door for cold environments.
Cold rooms, freezer rooms, chillers.


High speed door for internal applications.
Economical. All industries.

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