Air Curtains

An ideal solution to create an invisible, non-physical barrier in environments that need to keep their doors open.

What Is An Air Curtain & How Does It Work?

An air curtain is a fan-powered device which is mounted either horizontally above, or vertically on the sides of a doorway.

The fan generates a high velocity jet of air, which results in an invisible screen of air over the doorway.

This air-barrier separates the two environments on either side of the doorway without hampering the access of pedestrians or vehicles with a physical barrier such as a door.

Are Air Curtains Effective?

Various studies and tests have proven that air curtains are effective. When an efficient air curtain is well installed it will save on energy consumption. Simultaneously the air curtain ensures that the entrance area remains climate protected, comfortable and free of draughts, insects, odours, etc.

Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) diagrams made by Polytechnic University of Catalunya clearly show the efficiency of air curtains


Poorly designed air curtains, incorrectly selected units (less powerful) or inadequate installation will result in loss of part or even all the advantages. In some instances, the problems of draught at the entrance may became worse than not having an air curtain installed at all.

Types of Air Curtains

Industrial Air Curtains

Suited for large doors such as entrances to warehouses, hangars, factories, logistic centers, loading docks, etc.

Cold Room Air Curtains

Cold chambers and large freezers are one of the main application areas for air curtains.

Insect Control Air Curtains

The air curtains for insect control require extremely demanding characteristics in terms of power, performance and efficiency.

Recessed Air Curtains

A complete range of air curtains for recessed or invisible installation in false ceilings, lateral columns or a bulkhead above the door.

Decorative, Bespoke Air Curtains

These decorative and stylish air curtains come in a huge range of finishes and customizations.

Revolving Door & Custom-Made Air Curtains

Designed to fit perfectly within the curvature of the revolving door. Option to tailor-make an air curtain to any required length.

Disinfection & Purification Air Curtain

Combining air curtains with an air and surfaces disinfection and purification system.

Heat Pump & Energy Saving Air Curtains

Incorporates a direct expansion coil which, when connected to a heat pump, turns into a low energy consumption alternative to conventional electric heating.

Economic Low Cost Air Curtains

For standard applications and openings up to 3m height.

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