MaviPass® High Speed Doors

External Applications  |  All Industries

MAVIPASS® ensures thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings as well as protection against dust.

The patented TRAFICONTROL® system (flexible guides) prevents damage caused by impacts and stoppages.

The customisable safety options mean that the door can adapt perfectly to all environments.

  • Configured as external door
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Protection against air and dust
  • Patented TRAFICONTROL® system: flexible guides for increased impact resistance


  • Wind resistance up to class 4
  • Opening speed 1M/second
  • Stacking system: SecuriSANGLE pull straps and safety straps
  • Remote cabinet: IP65 remote ABS cabinet and installation on the inside
  • Large size: clear opening height of up to 6 meters
  • Integrated cabinet: MAVIFLEX® electronic board with LCD display and LED control and a cycle counter
  • Optional triple insulated door leaf for better thermal and sound insulation
  • Flexible slides TrafiCONTROL: Black strap tightened by Hexagon tension, ensures ease of use, silent operation and airtightness. Mantel will eject in case of impact, avoiding the deterioration of the uprights and having to stop the traffic flow
  • Safety options:
    • Light curtain (2500mm high) located in the slides
    • Sensitive profile: double security, instantaneous lifting of the door in case of obstacle, 2 transmitting-receiving cells located on each side of the uprights

Customise Your Door

MAVISION® printing, for a colourful design

The MAVISION® printing option allows for complete personalization of the High Speed Door mantle.

  • Print a message such as security text, zone demarcation, etc…
  • Integrate your logo or company name…
  • Decorate with visuals such as photos or drawings…

* Available for MaviONE®, MaviROLL CONNECT® and MaviPASS®.

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High speed door for external applications.
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High speed door for clean rooms.
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High speed door for cold environments.
Cold rooms, freezer rooms, chillers.


High speed door for internal applications.
Economical. All industries.


High speed door for internal applications.
Supermarkets, Industry, Freezer & Food Industries.

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