Cold Room Air Curtains

Cold chambers and large freezers are one of the main application areas for air curtains. The big temperatures differences between the inside and the outside of the cold stores requires a very specific design of air curtain.

The installation of an air curtain provides many advantages compared to other systems:

  • Constant energy saving as heat transfer into the cold room/ freezer is avoided.
  • Snow formation is minimised and mist inside the cold room is eliminated (Triojet air curtain system).
  • Ice formation at the entrance of the freezer is avoided (Triojet air curtain system).
  • Full visibility through the opening, improving safety and preventing accidents .
  • The opening is kept clear of obstruction, saving a great deal of time in the movement and storage of goods.

Kool Air Curtains

TrioJet Air Curtains

Air Curtain Kool

  • Specially designed for cold store and freezer doors.
  • Compact design with a timeless design and pleasing to the eye.
  • Thanks to the air discharge design, KOOL air curtain ensures a low turbulence and high velocity air jet, thus efficiently separating spaces with high temperature differences.

Air Curtain Kool IP55

  • Recommended in applications with extreme cold and/or humidity and/or corrosion conditions.
  • Stainless steel are available on request.
  • Large faceted inlet grille avoiding intensive maintenance.
  • Motor and electronic components with IP55 protection

Air Curtain TrioJet System

  • Specially designed to be installed on doors of industrial cold stores and freezers with big temperature differences.
  • Reduces mist, snow and ice, decreasing risk of accidents.
  • System is composed by two air curtains resulting in 3 jets of air flowing at different temperatures and speeds resulting in a high efficiency barrier against large thermal losses caused by large temperature differences (shorter payback).

Discover More

Economic Low Cost Air Curtains

For standard applications and openings up to 3m height.

Industrial Air Curtains

Suited for large doors such as entrances to warehouses, hangars, factories, logistic centers, loading docks, etc.

Insect Control Air Curtains

The air curtains for insect control require extremely demanding characteristics in terms of power, performance and efficiency.

Recessed Air Curtains

A complete range of air curtains for recessed or invisible installation in false ceilings, lateral columns or a bulkhead above the door.

Decorative, Bespoke Air Curtains

These decorative and stylish air curtains come in a huge range of finishes and customizations.

Revolving Door & Custom-Made Air Curtains

Designed to fit perfectly within the curvature of the revolving door. Option to tailor-make an air curtain to any required length.

Disinfection & Purification Air Curtain

Combining air curtains with an air and surfaces disinfection and purification system.

Heat Pump & Energy Saving Air Curtains

Incorporates a direct expansion coil which, when connected to a heat pump, turns into a low energy consumption alternative to conventional electric heating.

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