Decorative & Custom-made Air Curtains

This range of air curtains perfectly combines the best available technology with an exclusive aesthetic. The decorative air curtains range perfectly combines the best available technology with the more exclusive beauty.

The decorative air curtains range perfectly combines the best available technology with the more exclusive beauty.

They are the perfect solution to meet the increasing market demands, where air curtains are not just a functional element of buildings but they have also to blend with the internal or external aesthetics and be an active part of the decoration or atmosphere of the building. Decorative and stylish with a huge range of finishes and customizations.

Air Curtain Zen

  • Decorative, minimalist and elegant, ZEN air curtain is the favorite of architects and designers to include in their building projects. Its smart design and high performance is perfect to blend with any building’s internal or external aesthetics.
  • ZEN air curtain offers infinite possibilities of customization, how far does your imagination go?
  • The panels can include logos, lighting, signage, safety or information signs, graphics, pictures, clocks, all according to customer specifications.

Air Curtain Rund

  • Specially designed for doors of shops and buildings with high demands on design and low noise level.
  • RUND is a cylindrical, elegant and exclusive air curtain that can be installed in horizontal or vertical position.
  • The RUND air curtain has multiple finishes and configurations that make it the decorative solution suitable for any interior design project.

Air Curtain Deco

  • This exclusive decorative air curtain has an elegant design, with rounded edges and available in a wide range of colours.
  • It produces very low noise and has the possibility of including heating.
  • In addition to the possibility of adding energy saving features, on/off programming…

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Economic Low Cost Air Curtains

For standard applications and openings up to 3m height.

Industrial Air Curtains

Suited for large doors such as entrances to warehouses, hangars, factories, logistic centers, loading docks, etc.

Cold Room Air Curtains

Our Cold Room Air Curtains are specifically developed to achieve high efficiency in all types of cold and freezer rooms.

Recessed Air Curtains

A complete range of air curtains for recessed or invisible installation in false ceilings, lateral columns or a bulkhead above the door.

Insect Control Air Curtains

The air curtains for insect control require extremely demanding characteristics in terms of power, performance and efficiency.

Revolving Door & Custom-Made Air Curtains

Designed to fit perfectly within the curvature of the revolving door. Option to tailor-make an air curtain to any required length.

Disinfection & Purification Air Curtain

Combining air curtains with an air and surfaces disinfection and purification system.

Heat Pump & Energy Saving Air Curtains

Incorporates a direct expansion coil which, when connected to a heat pump, turns into a low energy consumption alternative to conventional electric heating.

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