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Welcome to EnviroFlex

Your trusted supplier of Industrial Doors & Space Separation Solutions

We specialise in supplying a broad range of products which complement and enhance each other allowing us to offer the best solution to your specific space separation requirement.

We supply this range to all industries in South Africa, as well as export to the rest of Africa.

Whatever your requirements are, we have a solution for you. Just give us a call and one of our experienced team members will assist you with the expert advice you need to make the correct product decision for your specific requirements.

High Speed Doors

Our flexible high-speed doors are designed for the industrial sector

Air Curtains

An ideal solution to create an invisible, non-physical barrier in environments

Strip Curtains

Strip Curtains can be installed in any opening or doorway to act as a barrier or door replacement

Partition Curtains

Isolate and/ or demarcate various zones within a building and more

Welding Screens

Create a physical and visual barrier to protect people during the welding process


Made from 100% pure virgin compounds, our PvC is known for its clarity, flexibility and stability

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