Insect Control Air Curtains

The complete range of high performance insect control air curtains minimize the passage of flies or other flying insects to food establishments and industry, hospitals or clean rooms.

The air curtains for insect control require extremely demanding characteristics in terms of power, performance and efficiency, thus very few air curtains are suitable for this application.

The range of anti-insect air curtains FLY is consists of 4 models, suitable for different heights, adjusted dimensions, heating or no heating requirements – all with an elegant and timeless design.

The air curtain FLY KXL is the most powerful of the series and it is recommended for doors up to 4 meters high.

All the projects carried out with Airtècnics’ anti-insect air curtains have concluded in a very satisfactory way for the clients, who have seen the insect entrance problem successfully solved.

The effectiveness of the air curtain as a system to avoid the access of insects has been scientifically proven in a study carried out with bees, which are catalogued as “strong flyers”.

These air curtains can also discourage rodents from entering a building. Research has shown that rats, mice and other furry intruders do not like the sensation an air curtain creates on their fur and will avoid it.

Air Curtain Fly K

  • Insect control.
  • Compact & stylish design.
  • High velocity dense air jet minimises entrance of insect through doors or windows.
  • Up to 2m height.

Air Curtain Fly KBB

  • Insect control.
  • Size & power of industrial air curtain.
  • High-tech external rotor motor with centrifugal EC fans
  • Up to 3.5m height.

Air Curtain Fly KL

  • Insect control.
  • Robust and versatile air curtain.
  • Provided with an insect repellent kit to optimise the air outlet with minimal turbulence at maximum speed.
  • Up to 3m height.

Air Curtain Fly KXL

  • Insect control.
  • Most powerful in the FLY series
  • Provided with an insect repellent kit to optimise the air outlet to create minimal turbulence at maximum speed.
  • Up to 4 m height.

Air Curtain Compact Fly

  • It is the most compact, but equally effective model of the Fly range of air curtains.
  • It has been specially designed for windows of food industry establishments, food shops, toll booths or kiosks.
  • It is characterized by emitting a jet of air at high speed that prevents the passage of insects inside the establishment.
  • It emits a low noise level.

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