Clear Fine Vinyl

Marine Vinyl

FINEVINYL film is preferred solution for its high transparency, durability and UV resistance.

  • Very fine PvC Vinyl available from 0.3mm to 1.0mm thickness
  • Highly transparent for superior clarity
  • Anti-UV ensuring the longest life against UV aging
  • Made from 100% pure virgin compounds ensuring superior clarity, flexibility and stability
  • PVC does not contain DOP or DEHP – maximum safety for people and environment
  • Available standard, fire retardant (M2 or B1), UV resistant, low shrinkage
  • NON-PHTHALATE exclusively
  • Flat and low shrinkage for easy welding

Fine Vinyl Applications

Fine Vinyl Outdoor Blinds
Fine Vinyl Outdoor Blinds
Fine Vinyl Outdoor Blinds
Fine Vinyl Protection Screens
Fine Vinyl Outdoor Furniture
Fine Vinyl Table Cover
Fine Vinyl Boat
Fine Vinyl Furniture Cover
Fine Vinyl Car Windows
Fine Vinyl Golf Cart Cover
Fine Vinyl Marquee Windows
Fine Vinyl Outdoor Blinds
Fine Vinyl Baby Proof
Fine Vinyl Screens
Fine Vinyl Yacht
Fine Vinyl Machine Covers
Fine Vinyl Medical Chair Cover

Fine Vinyl Specifications

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Clear Fine Vinyl

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