MaviOne® High Speed Doors

Internal Application | Compact | Budget

MAVIONE®, a compact and silent solution.

The self-supporting structure does not affect the mechanical stability of the supports.

Thanks to its MAVIDRIVE® transmission system, the door has flexibility of use and low energy consumption.

A design aimed at efficiency and speed of maintenance: accessible parts, tilting control box…

  • The flexible high-speed roll-up door is ideal for all indoor configurations
  • Compact solution
  • Very quiet operation
  • MAVIDRIVE® patented system: belt drive for low energy consumption
  • Tilting control box on the front for easy maintenance


  • Self-supporting high-speed door: no constraints on the supports
    Opening speed up to 1M/second
  • Integrated tilting cabinet: allows opening from the front for easy access
  • Single speed motor integrated in the crossbar
  • Automatic re-insertion of the curtain in case of impact
  • Also available in stainless steel version
  • Belt system: flexible, compact and silent SafeCONTROL system : double security
    • Detection system : 2 transmitting-receiving cells located in the slides
    • Automatic control of the closing time: instantaneous lifting of the door leaf in case of obstacle

Customise Your Door

MAVISION® printing, for a colourful design

The MAVISION® printing option allows for complete personalization of the High Speed Door mantle.

  • Print a message such as security text, zone demarcation, etc…
  • Integrate your logo or company name…
  • Decorate with visuals such as photos or drawings…

* Available for MaviONE®, MaviROLL CONNECT® and MaviPASS®.

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High speed door for external applications.
All industries.


High speed door for clean rooms.
Pharmaceutical & Controlled Environments.


High speed door for cold environments.
Cold rooms, freezer rooms, chillers.


High speed door for clean rooms.
Pharmaceutical & Controlled Environments.


High speed door for external applications.
All industries, extra-large openings.

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